Wine and Beer

~Take a look at what's new in our seasonal wine and beer selection! 🍷🍻
✅ Did you know that we offer {FREE} wine tasting every day in our store?
Right now we are featuring #allthefall beer & cider!
On the shelf:  
🍻🎃Frankenmuth Octoberfest, Griffin Claw Screaming Pumpkin,
New Holland Ichabod, Bells Octoberfest, Virtue Cider
(original, rose, honey and cherry)
 Elk PB & Jaley, Grand Armory Tied Down to Michigan
🍷 Our favorite wines of the moment.... FennValley Meritage,
Shady Lane Franc n Franc, Tanglewood Winery (Local to Holland),
Sage Creek Winery, and Black Star Farms. 
and EVERYONES favorite..... Leelanau Witches Brew!! 🧙🏻‍♀️